Off-Season Training for Collegiate Athletes

Summer is coming which means we are getting ready to train many collegiate athletes at Sterling’s Team Speed where each athlete will have a different group of challenges and requests. When players arrive from all parts of the country, they usually walk in with off-season training packets given to them by their college coach and strength coaches. Many of these packets are very good, while others are unfortunately questionable. Many of the athlete’s coach's famous words are to be in the best shape possible when they return to school in the fall. 

At Sterling’s Team Speed, we get them ready for their upcoming college season so they can feel confident and prepared for their upcoming strength and fitness tests. We try to find a balance between their coach’s program and our own. During this last year, players have had to adjust their game, physical and mental training, and eating schedule due to the COVID-19 pandemic, just to name a few obstacles.

College athletics are way more rigorous than high school; understanding that nutrition and recovery protocols are in greater focus especially when athletes are balancing sports, school work, and college life. Many of the best college athletes will be training here at Sterling’s Team Speed this summer, and we can’t wait to see them prepare for a full upcoming season for SUCCESS!

Are you a collegiate athlete looking for off-season training this summer? Sterling is offering his unique program to athletes in two sessions. Session I begins May 17th for a 6-week program and Session II begins June 28 for a 5-week program. 

Here’s Sterling’s Summer College Program breakdown:

  • Testing (Vertical Jump, Broad Jump, Pro Agility, 10 yards sprint, and 300 Shuttle Run)

  • Become FASTER, STRONGER, and better CONDITIONED than ever before

  • Gain a distinct advantage over your college peers and dominate tryouts in the Fall Season

    • A player who is not in great physical condition cannot perform efficiently

    • Summer training is vital to prevent injury and maintain fitness through the demands of the season

  • Mental fitness

  • Preparing for all of your strength and fitness tests

  • Review your college package

  • Being ON TIME! (Very important in college)

Interested in joining the program? Find details and registration information here.

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