Katie M, University of Wyoming
"Fitness test was a breeze thanks to you :)"
-Chris Cooke, Riley Cooke's dad
"I wanted to let you know that Riley [Cooke] was selected as an All American by US Lacrosse, which is a great honor and one Riley believes Adrian was a huge part of helping her to accomplish. We appreciate it very much and wanted to make sure to recognize Adrian."
-Marcelo Corpuz, Marc's dad
"Marc has really enjoyed his trainings with you, [Sterling's Team Speed] and has seen a huge difference in his strength and conditioning. The Arapahoe High School Freshman Strength & Conditioning program is no problem for Marc; he's actually won a couple of the Strength & Conditioning contests over the summer. For example, last Friday they had a contest among about 30 boys, the boys had to overhead press 25lbs, while seated on a bench on the coaches count. Marc won with 80 presses but thought he could have done 100."
Thanks again, Daniele (& Paul)
"Thank you for this! I love the additional comments on each testing element and will share with the boys when they get home. I also applaud your expectation of the boys to remain focused and follow directions to a T. Awesome stuff!"
"I had my exit interview wit my coach (soccer college coach) and i just wanted to let you know that she said she was really impressed with my fitness and that I killed all of the fitness tests. Coach also said that I am one of the fastest on the team and I have a really good recovery run. She said that I am also the fittest on the team! I just wanted to thank you because without you non of that would have been possible. Thank you!"
- Nicole Lyuebenko, University of Alabama
If you want to be the best, train with the best. That's what working with Sterling is like for me! He always gets the most out of me and pushes me to be the best athlete I can possibly be.