Training Agreement & Terms

Team Speed Training AGreement 

Upon purchase of any Team Speed training package, class or membership, the purchaser agrees to the following company policies. We reserve the right to make changes to any of our policies at any time. As a user of the website you are agreeing to these policies and any future revisions during your membership term. As a company, we will do our best to inform our customers to any adjustments made, however, it is ultimately the responsibility of the purchaser to be aware of and comprehend the following policies. 

Media Release. Team Speed has permission to use pictures and video production of you when participating in training sessions. Pictures may be placed in marketing material and on the website for the sole purpose of advertising athletic training.     

Refund Policy. All purchases are final sale and refunds are not provided for training package and membership purchases regardless of whether sessions and classes are attended or not. Team Speed maintains the right to refuse a refund at any time or provide the option to take Team Speed store credit to be used on future purchases. If your coach/trainer is unavailable or no longer employed with Team Speed, you will be assigned another coach/trainer to continue your training with.     

Cancellation & Reschedule Policy. If you need to reschedule or cancel, you must do so at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled session. If you do not reschedule 24 hours in advance and can no longer make your appointment time, you will forfeit your session and will not be provided a refund or credit. We have a strict no-cancellation policy with few exceptions (see below) and no refunds will be provided. Please note: Large groups and teams must provide at least 48 hours advance notice when canceling or rescheduling.

Exceptions to this policy:

If you need to cancel or reschedule your session due to circumstances outside of your control, please contact our office or your coach as soon as possible. Any and all exceptions to this policy are determined at the discretion of Team Speed on a case-by-case basis. The more notice you are able to provide our team, the more likely it is we will be able to fill your appointment time and be flexible with the cancellation and rescheduling penalty.

It is important to note that regardless of the circumstance of your cancellation if we receive notice less than 2 hours prior to your scheduled session, you will forfeit your session and will not be provided a refund or credit. 

Thank you for your understanding and for respecting our coaches' time and schedules!

Upgrade Policy. If a customer purchases a training package and decides to upgrade to a package with more sessions, they may be granted an upgrade and pay the current price difference so long as they purchase the new package within one week of their original package purchase. After one week, there are no upgrades granted on training packages and it is advised that the client wait until they have used all the sessions in their current package before purchasing a new package as upgrades are no longer applicable. 

If a customer purchases a drop-in class for a program, they may use the drop-in class fee toward the purchase of a program registration or class pack if they register for the program within one week of their drop-in purchase. After one week, the drop-in class fee may no longer be used toward the purchase of a program registration or class pack. Only one drop-in class fee may be applied toward the total purchase of a program registration or class pack. The same policy applies to upgrades from a class pack to a program registration. The new purchase must be made within 7 days of the original purchase for the original amount already paid to be applied toward the new purchase.

Billing Policy. Our billing system is automated and we do not have the ability to freeze or skip payments or adjust the billing cycle for any of our customers. Upon signup for any monthly payment plan (this applies to training packages as well as programs), customers will be billed automatically every 30 days for the full duration of their agreement. Those who choose to pay in full will be billed once, immediately upon signup.

If you are on a monthly payment plan and have a failed payment, the system will retry the charge 3 days later, 7 days later, and 14 days later. If your payment fails on the 14th day and we have not successfully contacted you, you will not be allowed to participate in training. No client or member may train if their payment has failed after the 14th day. Packages and classes will be re-instated when dues owed to date have been paid. If more than 30 days have passed since the failed payment due date, your package or membership may be reinstated at current price rates.

For private training clients who have unpaid training sessions on their account, a $10 late payment fee will apply for every 30 days the session is unpaid. For example, if you have an unpaid training session from 60 days ago, you will owe the full amount of your training session at the current rate plus a $20 late payment fee.

Package Expiration Policy. All training packages have expiration dates that are strictly enforced. In some cases, extensions are granted. To request an extension on the expiration of a current package, you must contact us in writing at at least 30 days prior to the expiration date of your package. We reserve the right to determine when extensions may be granted. Once a package has expired, it is no longer eligible for refund or store credit.

Complimentary Session Policy. Complimentary private training sessions may be booked one time for any person who is new to Team Speed and has never received training with our company at any time, either in a private, group, or class setting. Complimentary private sessions are reserved solely for those who have never experienced training with Team Speed before and would like to try a session before committing to the purchase of a package or membership.

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