Fun, Food and Firecrackers!

July 2019

By Team Speed Admin - July 1, 2019

Welcome to July. A new month full of potential for Summer fun, foods, and firecrackers! But finding ourselves in July is a reminder that Summer break is HALF OVER! The countdown to the new school year has officially begun, so we must try to squeeze as many activities as we can into the dwindling days that we have left.

To ensure that we are ALL squeezing in as much fun as we can, (Yep! We are guilty of letting the days slip by us as well) we came together and created a Calendar FULL of ideas for activities for the entire month of July. We hope that you enjoy these ideas as much as we do.

And as an extra bonus, if you take a photo of yourself doing ANY of these fun filled activities, and tag us on Instagram, you will be automatically entered to win a Sterling’s Team Speed t-shirt! Just tag us at @teamspeedco on Instagram and we’ll enter you straight away.

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