Slowly getting there!

By Team Speed - August 17, 2016

If anyone ever tells you construction and renovation is easy, they are lying. Its a slow and up hill climb, there is no denying that. But everyday there is something changing, getting us one step closer to our goal. Today its the drywall, tomorrow the floors. Patience is something we  have mastered because we know good things come to those who wait. As someone who has, in a way, taken the passenger seat on this endeavour I'm ecxited to watch it unfold. With Sterling and Kira at the helm there is no doubt that the new Team Speed will be extraordinary. We've begun working on the fun part, ordering paint, shopping for new cardio equipment, planning the retail shop. The list goes on and on. With about 45 days to go, all I can say is there are some suprises in store for our Team Speed family and we cant wait for you to see!

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