Why Not Now

By Team Speed - February 29, 2016

Why not now?

Weight 298 lbs

Ok let me be honest, I’ve had bit of a set back now over the last couple of weeks. I was feeling great and if you’ve been following my numbers, you’ve seen that my numbers have been pretty consistent but this week I seemed to have hit a wall. The question of why is always a question that we have. Why am I not in shape? Why should I get in shape? Why did I lose my fitness? Why am I here? Why did I work so hard and still not lose anything this week?  I don't want to get too philosophical and deep, so I'm going to stick with the why's of falling out of shape and getting back in shape. We can all point to specific reasons as to why we stopped what was going so well.  We can say things like I had a hangnail and couldn't work out, or I had a cold once and missed my workout 10 years ago and decided that was it for me. Whatever your “why not” is let’s work together and work towards the positive why’s, like why are we getting better?

As we all do from time to time, I had to take a good look in the mirror to start answering some of my “why’s”. Lets look at why I lost my fitness in the first place. The reality is that when I finished playing soccer in college I was so upset about the experience that I had, I kept eating like a college athlete and working out like 50-year-old man with arthritis. That combination led to weight gain initially but I anticipated that and worked hard to lose most of that weight gain. I lost the weight with the idea that I was going to play pro soccer. That exciting dream ended with a major injury. If you remember from earlier in this blog these were the exact reasons that I said are cliché reasons to gain weight and get out of shape, but those were my reality. Unlike times past that look in the mirror has reminded me of every delicious decision that has led me to here. I claim not to be an emotional eater but the truth is, when I'm celebrating anything I eat, when I have a bad day certain foods make me feel better, etc . . . With that being said, every roll of flab and every extra breath taken on the fight of stairs, I think of the foods I have eaten to put myself here and I realize this is a true lifestyle change not just a diet anymore.

Fast forward to today, here I sit overweight again and trying again to lose it. The difference is this time I think I have a much better understanding of why I got to this point. I’ve had the hard look in the mirror, will you try to understand or even answer the “why's” on how you got to where you are?  So after all that, I am recommitting to this process and getting back in the right grove of things. I’m not asking why in that way anymore.  Now the only whys I will ask are, WHY NOT ME? WHY NOT YOU? WHY NOT NOW? I am back on the losing train again. So take a minute this week and have that tough conversation with yourself and make the decision and make the change. Thanks for reading, more updates soon.

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