From the Training Turf to the High Elevations of the Andes with Vance McLarren


What Health Executive, Vance McLarren, Has to Say About Training with Sterling’s Team Speed in Preparation for a 10-Day Trek to Machu Picchu

Vance, 59, reached literal new heights as he ventured by foot to the historical Incan citadel of Machu Picchu in April 2022. Surely a trip to never forget, Vance and his wife joined a group for a 10-day trek through the Andes Mountains where they reached elevations of over 15,000 feet and covered up to 12 miles of ground each day. Vance has been working with Team Speed’s Coach Mike Garcia since November of 2019 with a large focus of his training set on preparing for the physical demands of this trip, although, that is not how or why Vance originally landed on our turf.

Over two years ago, Vance walked through our doors out of curiosity wondering if we offered personal training for adults (psst… we do!). Working as an executive in the health industry, it was important for Vance to find something to help him relieve stress, get better sleep, and find the groove of a routine again. Especially as a former basketball player whose athletic career ended, as most do, in an injury, and having both shoulders reconstructed, Vance was keen on finding a trainer who emphasizes technique for a pain-free workout experience. Ever since beginning training at Team Speed, Vance says he is, “the best he’s been in 10 years.” He attributes this to working with a trainer who recognizes his limitations and modifies his exercises accordingly, as well as the positive atmosphere with both his trainer, Mike Garcia, and the rest of Team Speed’s coaching staff. “They are just as happy with my accomplishments as I am.”

In addition to the mental and emotional benefits Vance was seeking when he began training, he also had a couple benchmark goals for his weight training he wanted to hit. As a trainer with an in-depth knowledge of technique and lifting form, Coach Mike Garcia helped Vance not only hit, but surpass both of his lifting goals in just over a year of training. “Good coaching has made a big difference,” Vance told us, “There is value in rest. You don’t have to max out all the time. Progression comes after rest.”

With a trek to Machu Picchu, one of the most beautiful and fantastic places on earth, checked off his bucket list, we can’t help but wonder what Vance will set out to do next! No matter what the goal is, Team Speed will be there to help him achieve it.

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