Athlete Feature: Samantha H.

For August 2021, we’re excited to announce our new Athlete of the Month. She’s an incoming freshman at Littleton High School and plays basketball and soccer. Samantha was nominated for this month’s Athlete of the Month feature by Coach Mike, who she’s been working with for two years.

Here’s what we’ve gathered from our interview with Samantha:

Samantha’s Athletic Journey

Samantha is an incoming freshman at Littleton High School and plays basketball and soccer. She has also fully recovered from two ACL surgeries and is stronger and healthier than ever.

Her Greatest Accomplishments & Challenges

The greatest thing Samantha has accomplished is overcoming and recovering from two ACL tears -- once when she was 9 years old and the second when she was 13. Since training with Coach Mike, Samantha has fully recovered and is stronger than she was before.

Samantha’s greatest challenge has been overcoming being “looked down upon” by coaches and viewed as second best. She is working to change the predisposition and is actively becoming a better athlete each time she hits the turf.

When Team Speed Joined the Journey

Two years ago, Samantha began training with Sterling’s Team Speed in order to gain more strength after recovering from her two surgeries. When she began training, her goals were to become mentally stronger not only in sports but for her daily lifestyle. “Sterling’s Team Speed has brought me to a point physically and mentally I thought I would never be able to reach.” 


The values that drive Samantha are determination and consistency.

“Sterling’s Team Speed has showed me that to be determined and consistent in all I do will drive me to achieve the goals I have set for myself.”

Samantha’s goal now is to become the best athlete she can be and improve her lifts with Coach Mike.

What Samantha Wants to Say to Other Athletes with Big Dreams

Samantha’s advice to other athletes is this:

“Through the road of becoming and achieving your goals as an athlete, there are going to be opinions and milestones that seem like you're never going to get past, but never stopping and understanding self discipline overcomes the words that once impacted you.”


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