8 Benefits of Working with a Private Coach

By Team Speed - July 6, 2018

At Sterling’s Team Speed, we recognize the importance of personal training and the unique benefits that only working privately with a fitness trainer will provide. Here, we’ve compiled a list of our top 8 reasons to not only hire a private coach, but the benefits of working with one too.


1.They work with your unique requirements

Every person is unique. Your anatomy, stamina, health-related requirements and goals are going to be different than the person standing next to you. Working with a private coach is different from group classes in the way that they work with you one-on-one to not only achieve your specific goals, but work with you on your unique requirements.

2. It’s educational

A private coach is going to help you understand WHY you are doing what you’re doing - a luxury you don’t always get in a group setting. The movements and workouts are going to be tailored to suit your specific needs, and your private coach will tell you why they are the perfect movements for you. Working privately with a trainer also comes with the added benefit of keeping your alignment in check. Form is the most important part of any movement. A private coach will help you make sure you’re doing it correctly!

3. They help you work towards your specific goals (like training for an event)

Here at Sterling’s Team Speed, working with clients privately to hit specific goals is our specialty. We get athletes in here all the time who are training for upcoming tryouts, national competitions/ tournaments, marathons and large athletic events. Whatever your goals are, a private coach will help you hit them!

4. They hold you accountable

Can you count how many times you’ve set a goal for yourself and achieved it all on your own? Athletic training is hard, even when if you know what you’re doing. A private coach is going to hold you accountable to showing up for your goals. Accountability is high on our list for achieving success in fitness goals for a reason!

5. It’s efficient: No wasted time = Maximum results

Here at Sterling’s Team Speed, you have exactly 60 minutes on the floor with your private coach. Our trainers go above and beyond for our clients to get the most out of their sessions. Those 60 minutes are all about you and your fitness goals.

6. They fit your schedule

The curse of a busy person is that it can be really difficult to find a fitness class that fits your schedule. An incredible benefit to working with a private coach is that they have flexibility in their schedule (oftentimes, training is their full time job, so they’ve got availability). A private coach actually cares about you and your goals, so they will work with your schedule to fit you in at an ideal time for you.

7. Your training is personalized

At each session with your private coach, they’ll have created a personalized workout to help meet your specific needs. Each workout is going to be tailored to your unique goals. At Sterling’s Team Speed, we also help you track your progress towards your goals!

8. They keep you motivated

It’s arguable that the hardest part to working out is showing up. Your private coach is going to help keep you motivated by keeping your training fun, challenging and interesting.


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