Be A Team Player

Join Us in Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness Month

By Team Speed - September 7, 2017

"Team: a number of persons associated together in work or activity in pursuit of a common goal". Here at Sterling's Team Speed, we understand not only what it means to be a team player, but also the value and purpose that being a member of a team can bring to one's life. After working in the business of sports performance training for many years, we've had the privilege of observing the immeasurable impact that playing for a cause greater than yourself can have on our athletes. Every day, we work with athletes of all ages and abilities striving to better themselves at any cost in order to make a greater contribution to their team. This is exactly the concept that we'd like to implement into the fight against breast cancer. No one should have to fight this battle alone. Join the team here at Sterling's Team Speed to help us provide support, encouragement and hope for the brave women who are fighting for their lives.

To support Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we will be selling pink "Be A Team Player" T-shirts to support the cause. All profits will be donated to the Susan G. Komen Foundation to help further breast cancer research. T-shirt orders must be placed by September 20th. T-shirts can be shipped directly to your home or can be picked up here at Sterling's Team Speed. 
*Call us directly if you'd like to place a team order! (303)-779-3640
T-shirt order Link:

Feel free to help our team grow by sharing this link with family & friends! Beating breast cancer is going to be a full team effort, but we have hope for a cure here at Sterling's Team Speed!
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