Food is NOT the enemy!

By Team Speed - February 22, 2016

Food is NOT the enemy!
Weight: 296 lbs
My running plan is continuing to head in the right direction. It’s still hard but I feel like
I’m getting stronger every day and as far as sweat goes, I’m getting a big dose of that
every time I run too. Of course, now that I’m feeling more confident with my running
and starting to see some weight fall off, my temptation is now to eat whatever I want
because I’m working out. That is, until I remember it’s this mentality that got me here in
the first place. So, I need to get in gear and on track with my food plan, to make sure I
don’t fall back into the same trap as before. The new attitude that I’m really trying to
follow is, “Eat to live and not live to eat!” This is not a diet but my new lifestyle change.
To this point I have always been about the 3 square meals a day and that was it. That
unfortunately led to extreme levels of hunger and being so hungry at each of these
meals that I would eat too much, too fast. In addition to eating too much, too fast, I
would also tend to make bad food choices too. I don't know about you, but when I
would get extra hungry I would tend to want carb-heavy-things like, bread, candy, sweet
tea, etc... Basically anything that was full of sugar and not full of the things I’d need to
fuel my body, I couldn’t eat fast enough. I’m struggling with my choices and making the
right ones for my body and this journey. For me, it would be much easier and usually
cheaper to stop for fast food vs. stopping at the grocery store and picking up some fruit
or yogurt. Honestly, the choice is to try (grocery store) or not to try (fast food). Now with
respect to all of us real people I would love to say I made the right choice every time but
the reality is I haven't every time, but I want to start making it more of a commitment.
Every time I make good food choices a priority, I will get closer and closer to my fitness
goals. Here’s what I’ve learned regarding the food I eat and how it affects my run. If I
eat poorly the running that is already a challenge gets even harder, but with better
eating I'm starting to feel better while running. Who knew that "eat well feel well" could
be an amazing thing. I am starting to become convinced that my body is a temple, well
okay it’s still a bit of trailer park but at least I'm starting to get rid of some of the rif-raff
that has been hanging out for way to long. Thanks for reading and more updates next
week. Stay strong and keep moving!
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