And I Was Runnin'

By Team Speed - February 15, 2016

And I was RUNNIN’
Weight:  297 lbs

Last week we sorted out the plan that cardio was the key and running was the plan.  Ok, it’s time to buck up and actually start this plan.  I have a unique challenge ahead of me going into the start of this week.  I’m traveling to Las Vegas to coach.  YIKES!! Vegas and a new diet plan AND a new workout plan, am I crazy?  If I were still the old Herman, this would be a great time to push everything off until “next week” and just enjoy all of the fun eats and drinks of Las Vegas, but this is the new Herman.  Obviously to make a change you sometimes can’t plan it out but just jump in with two feet and start.  So with that being said, no excuses, I will start this new plan while I’m in Vegas.  I made a point to check with the hotel prior to leaving and made sure that they have a workout facility with a treadmill.  As it turns out, most reputable hotels have some sort of a workout facility, obviously for me, having a treadmill that will track the time, my heartrate and pace is a bonus! 
Okay, here’s the blow-by-blow of the first workout.

Minutes 1-5:  Okay I’m running and really feeling like crap.  My head just keeps telling me to stop because of how much I dislike running.  Phew, I made it to minute 5!
Minutes 5-10:  I’m really struggling at this point, sweats pouring off of my head, my legs are numb and I’m breathing heavy.  Right about now, I swear the timer on the treadmill is actually moving backwards, adding time.  How is it possible for each second to take so long??!!  I must keep working to try to get to the magical 20 minute mark.
Minutes 10-15:  Okay something weird is happening, my breathing is slowing down and I’m starting to get out of my head.  Whoa, this is weird, at minute 13 my head clears out and I’m feeling a calm take over.  I guess this is what the “runners high” must be.  Holy cow, my legs are feeling stronger and I think, for the first time, I can finish this. 
Minute 15-20:  Wow this is incredible, I feel amazing.  What was a numbness and pain in my legs has given way to the feeling of power and strength.  My lungs feel full and I feel like I can run forever.  Ok, not really but I certainly feel proud of making it the entire 20 minutes.
Minute 21-60:  I get to just walk it off now.  The most interesting part is that as I start the ride back down to normal, my mind is really clear.  I start to think about the path that has led me to this point and the journey that has just started to become a new me.

Thanks for reading and please check back as I will begin next week with updating the lifestyle changes that I will be implementing in my diet.  Thanks and have a great week!
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