The Cardio Plan

By Team Speed - February 8, 2016

The Cardio Plan

Weight 300 lbs

Last week I talked about my body and how cardio plays a key to me losing weight; the type of cardio I need is “low and slow”.  My next step was to meet with Sterling at Team Speed and come up with a plan that we both think will be successful.  Being that I played soccer from a young boy thru college, I’m used to running & running, but in my old days, if I was running without the ball, something went terribly wrong and running was my punishment.  So, the challenge for me this week is to change my mind from running = punishment to running = fat loss, which I like!  If you remember from last week I learned that staying in the fat zone is key for me, so longer periods of “low and slow” cardio is going to be the best method to get it done.

The plan will be a progressive running increase.  I’m going to find a running pace that I can manage for long periods of time.  This is so counterintuitive to the old way I use to work out, but that hasn’t helped me so let’s give this a try.

Here’s the plan:
Week 1:  Run 20 minutes, walk for 40 minutes = 1 hour total
Week 2:  Run 25 minutes, walk 35 minutes = 1 hour total
Week 3:  Run 30 minutes, walk 30 minutes = 1 hour total
And so on, until I reach 1 hour of running once I reach that goal, I start over with a faster pace.

The key to this working is getting out of my head and sticking to the plan.  I need to replace the thinking of running = punishment and switch it to running = helping me meet my goals.

Let the running begin!  Stay tuned for updates on my running progress. 
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