Cardio & My Body

By Team Speed - February 1, 2016

Cardio & My Body


Weight:  304

As I continue to have a better understanding of how what I eat affects how I feel, I’m also figuring out that working out at an insane level may not be the best thing for me.  The question the majority of us ask ourselves is also what I ask myself.  What the heck do I do to get the proper workout level to burn the most fat as efficiently as possible?  The truth is there’s an appropriate fat burning zone for everyone and it’s all individual, who knew?  I was also under the impression that harder, faster and more was always the best method of getting the weight off, at least that’s what I did as an athlete.  Could I have been wrong all this time?  The answer to this question could very likely be yes, considering where my body is physically at now.  

Everyone has their own impression about cardio and what it means to them and are often quick to claim they did it.  The simplest way to describe cardio; it’s when your heart rate raises higher than when resting and doing nothing.  So, yes, breathing hard after climbing a set of stairs is cardio in a technical sense, but the reality is, our huffing and puffing after walking those stairs probably means we need to get into better shape.  

I have a cardio plan that was developed by the staff at Team Speed and am excited to start it.  Make sure you check in next week for the actual plan of attack.  

Thanks for reading!  

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