The "F" Word

By Team Speed - January 13, 2016

The “F” word
Weight:  307lbs - down
Going into this week I am having some trouble with my motivation. I know that the big picture is out there and it’s going to take a ton of work and commitment for this project to be successful, but honestly I am having a hard week. I think this week is a good week to really do an analysis of the 800lb gorilla in the room. What is that gorilla? It is the “F” word, not that one but the big “F” word, “FOOD”. Food’s what got me here and it’s going to be the key to getting me out.
As I have said a couple of times before, I was a founding member of the “Clean Plate Club”. As with many families every time we’d get together the first thing we’d talk about was food. With my family, the food was rich and tasty and until recently, the majority of it was fried in oil. Growing up, we didn’t eat out or snack much, we ate 3 “square” meals a day and that was the food you ate, so you better eat up because snacking was frowned upon. If you showed up at any meal and you weren’t hungry or you didn’t clean your plate you were asked if you were sick. The initial idea of “3 square meals a day” caused me to get to a point of being too hungry and in turn, I would overeat at every meal thinking that I wouldn’t eat again until the next meal.  After working with a nutritionist and looking at the food logs I was keeping, we determined something major.  I wasn’t eating enough food.  I was working out really hard and creating a caloric deficit but I wasn’t eating enough, so my body was in starvation mode and in turn, I was holding on to everything that I ate.  This has been a major “A-HA” moment. Now that I have this knowledge my next step is to get my eating not only in order but up to a level where I can lose weight and maintain muscle growth.  It looks like I really have to focus on the positive side of the “F” word.  As I move into next week I’ve started to work on adjusting my pattern of eating and my workouts to better hit the right zone to drop this fat appropriately. Thanks for reading!
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