The Realization - My Ah-Ha Moment!

By Team Speed - January 5, 2016

The Realization - My Ah-Ha Moment!
Current weight: 310 lbs

I have hit that point that everyone hits when you know that you need help but you are struggling on where is the best place to start? As with anything you start, you always want to have a little bit of background as to how you got to where you are so you can do your best to never go back there again. As I really started to think about it, I realized I have always been a member of the “Clean Plate Club.” If it was on my plate, I would eat it until it was gone. The idea of cleaning your plate at every meal no matter the size or even the type of food worked well when I was a kid . . .oh wait, I was a chubby kid too, maybe I’m on to something. I kept eating like there wasn’t going to be another chance to eat again. At least when I was younger, I would balance it out by playing sports in high school and college. Sadly, when the sports ended my eating habits stayed the same and hence why I’m here today and on this very personal journey. I have decided to ask for help from the great people at Sterling’s Team Speed; however, before I get going I need to establish some short-term and long-term goals to help me stay on this journey. 

The goals:

1. Lose weight! Makes sense, but why and how is this different? See below.

2. Get Fit! So I can stay active as long as possible.

3. Get Healthy! I want to walk my daughter down the aisle – it’s very far in the future but in real jeopardy if I don’t get myself together.

4. Run a 5k! Totally doable

5. Do a triathlon!  A crazy but real goal.

6. I want to be confident enough to walk on the beach without my shirt on! Totally vain but it’s a goal.

7. Wearing clothes confidently!  Putting on clothes without worrying what I look like
and where my rolls are hiding because they will be gone!

8. Weight loss goal: To lose 50-75 lbs this would change my life and the future for
myself and everyone around me. This amount of weight loss will put me very
close to the “ideal” weight for my 6’1” frame. Honestly, as long as my weight is heading in the right direction which is, down, I think that all of these goals are possible to obtain. Now that I have set some goals I think that the next step is to figure out how the heck I start, both short-term and long-term? Next week I will hopefully have a plan of attack that I can share with you.

Thanks for r

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