Bentley's adventure

By Team Speed - January 29, 2015

Bentley's adventure: January 28th was a fantastic day for me.  I got washed and groomed at Pet Smart and I felt great.  After my bath, I was back hanging at the Team Speed Facility.  Nature called and one of Team Speed Trainers let me outside.  I looked left, I looked right, forward and back.  No one was watching so the coast was clear.  I decided to re-visit my friends at Pet Smart so I trekked on over by myself.  Being that I'm handsome and friendly, I figured for sure I'd get a treat.  However, that didn't happen, I got busted.   Someone called my parents saying I was hanging out at Pet Smart. My Dad, Sterling, wasn't happy with me and obviously did not share my sense of excitement.  I felt I did nothing wrong as I’m a big boy.  We talked it out and all is well.  I’m back at Team Speed greeting everyone who comes in.  Stay tuned for my next exciting dare!
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