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A Creative Twist to Training

By Team Speed - February 20, 2018

We can always count on Coach Joe to come up with a creative approach to keep our athletes on their toes! For Arapahoe High School softball player, Katie Maney, that meant incorporating fielding skills and hand/eye coordination into a speed drill. (check out our instagram page @teamspeedco to see the full video)

Comin' for Ya, Combine!

By Team Speed - February 19, 2018

Ethan Zemla, junior at Valor Christian High School, putting in the work to prepare for the upcoming combine. 

Best of Luck, Mal!

We Will Miss You!

By Team Speed - February 16, 2018

Just wanted to wish you the best of luck on your upcoming season from all of us here at Sterling's Team Speed! After having the pleasure of training you throughout the off season, we are sure going to miss having you around! Mal is off to camp with the USWNT and will play in the She Believes Cup before heading back to Washington D.C.  Mal, we know what you are capable of! Go out there, work hard, play your game, and have fun! We will see you after season. 

Phoenix Here We Come!

By Team Speed - February 15, 2018

The 2004 Olympico Girls are getting after it tonight in sweats and sweatshirts to prepare for the President's Day Cup in Phoenix next week! If you look closely, you can see that their faces are almost as red as their jackets! Good luck from all of us here at Sterling's Team Speed! We know you're going to do great!

Back to the Basics

It's Important to Focus on the Details in Order to Improve Your Game as a Whole

By Team Speed - February 14, 2018

These short sprints and change of direction at full speed will definitely translate onto the field for these Colorado United girls. Whether they're trying to shake a defender, or slow down an attack defensively, it's always important to be able to change direction on the fly.