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Team Speed's Member Referral Program!

By Team Speed - June 26, 2017

Sterling's Team speed has been blessed with such wonderful and loyal members, who have helped to grow our business. We would like to show our appreciation for these members by launching our new member referral program. Effective June 26, 2017, all sports performance members have the opportunity to receive one free month of sports performance training for each individual they refer, who sign up for three or more months of sports performance training. Athletes that are privately training with us, at this present time, have the opportunity to receive one free training session for each individual they refer, who sign up for twelve or more private training sessions.

Keep It Up Girls!

By Team Speed - June 14, 2017

The Real Colorado u13 Olympico girls are making a statement out in Salt Lake City, Utah this week. With 2 wins in the President's Cup so far, things are looking good for these ambitious, hard-working girls. Your family here at Sterling's Team Speed is sending you well wishes! Keep those W's coming and remember to take care of your bodies! Great job girls!

A Very Meaningful Memorial Day Weekend

By Team Speed - June 1, 2017

With the fast-paced, hustle & bustle nature of life these days, it’s easy to lose sight of the significance and meaning behind holidays, events, traditions, etc. Take this past weekend for example. Yes, it was a wonderful long weekend, and everyone loves an extra day off of work or school, but Memorial Day is so much more than just an additional day off. Memorial Day serves as a holiday to pay respects to and exhibit gratitude for those who have selflessly risked their lives to protect this nation’s freedom.

This Memorial Day was particularly special for the family here at Sterling’s Team Speed, as one of our own reached a monumental milestone in accordance with this incredibly honorable holiday.

Kate Meyer, long time athlete of Sterling’s Team Speed, graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point, earning a BS from one of the most academically rigorous colleges in the country. In addition to balancing highly demanding academics and cadet responsibilities, Kate also played 4 years of D1 soccer at West Point.

This past weekend, Kate graduated West Point and was commissioned as a second lieutenant in the United States Army.

We recognize the sacrifice you made, in surrendering the college experience to serve your country. Not only are we profoundly proud of you, but we are also exceptionally grateful for your selflessness and service. We would not have a holiday to celebrate if it weren’t for individuals like you. Congratulations Kate, on your graduation and commissioning. You should be very proud of yourself-- we sure are!

Real Cup 2017

By Team Speed - May 30, 2017

Great job to all of the teams that participated in the Real Cup this weekend!

We loved seeing you out there working hard and doing what you love.

We’d like to highlight a few teams that got the job done and finished the weekend as champions! Congratulations to 1st place finishers:
  • Real CO National ’07 Girls
  • Real CO National ’05 Girls
  • Real CO National ’04 Girls
  • Real CO National ’03 Girls
  • Real CO National ’02 Girls
  • Real CO National ’00 Girls
  • Real CO National ’05 Boys

The hard work that you’ve put in here at Sterling’s Team Speed clearly paid off this weekend. Congratulations on your success-you certainly earned it.

School May Have Ended, but the Training Never Stops at Sterling's Team Speed!

NEW! Youth Sports Performance Summer Schedule

By Team Speed - May 23, 2017

Parents, we know that the summer break doledrums are inevitable, but Sterling's Team Speed is here to help!

Before your kids have the chance to grumble, "I'm bored", get them signed up for our Youth Sports Performance groups. With 3 separate age groups offered (Elementary, Middle, and High School) every weekday, there's no excuse for the kids to skip a workout. 

Check the website for our NEW summer schedule, beginning June 1st, 2017.

We look forward to seeing you there!