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President's Cup Champions!

Congratulations to Real Colorado's U13 National Girls Team

By Team Speed - February 21, 2017

Congratulations to Real Colorado's U13 National Girls for winning the President's Cup Tournament in Scottsdale, Arizona! Every year, these girls grind it out with us, putting in that extra work that it takes to become champions. We are wIth you every step of the way - so proud of them!

Companions or Competitors?

The answer is....BOTH!

By Team Speed - January 25, 2017

On the field these ladies are competitors, USA vs CANADA. At Sterling's Team Speed, two sisters at home.  Some of the World's Best Female Soccer Players have been raised playing for Real Colorado and training at Sterling's Team Speed. Pictured here are Janine Beckie (Olympic Bronze Medalist 2016 (Canada) and Jaelene Hinkle (US Women's National Team).  During this Off-Season, both women have been training with Sterling to stay fit and ready to go back into action. Kind of makes you proud!

U13 Real Colorado Olympico Girls

These Girls Train Year Round!

By Team Speed - January 23, 2017

Check out Real Colorado's U13 Olympico Girls. These girls train at Sterling's Team Speed year round - constantly working on their speed, agility, conditioning, strength, injury prevention and MENTAL TOUGHNESS.  They know what it takes to become champions! Can't wait to see them represent Colorado at President's Cup in Satl Lake, Utah this coming June.  We are with you all the way! 

Happy Friday!

Some Of Our Favorite Clients

By Team Speed - January 20, 2017

We love these ladies! They have been training with us without ever taking a break....twice/week for the last 5 years. Not only do they work full time as Elementary School Teachers,  they are mom's, wives and friends to all.....Amazing women we have training with us at Sterling's Team Speed! 

***Brooke, our awesome personal trainer, doesn't take it very easy on them - it's a tough workout! Keep up the good work!


Recovery Night at Sterling's Team Speed!

It's a Party in Here...

By Team Speed - January 18, 2017

Recovery Night at Sterling's Team Speed! The girls braved the 60 degree cold tub! Join us next time...our athletes say it makes all the difference!