Sports Performance - Youth Training

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Youth Sports Performance Membership

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Sport Performance Programs available for High School, Middle School and Elementary!

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All Memberships Include
Unlimited Classes
5 Days/Week
Athletic Performance Testing
Cardio Xpress for Parents
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Pricing Per Month
Month to Month - $199
3 MONTHS - $169!
12 Months - $129
Sibling Discount
Each Additional Sibling


Private / Semi-Private / Small Group Training 

Sterling's Team Speed offers both private and small group training for all youth and teens. Our expert Coaches/Trainers will develop athletic skills and confidence for every individual playing in their specific sports.

Private group training has more individual focus on each person training than the group training classes. Private group training can be designed for general health and fitness or sport-specific training with friends and teammates.

Our trainers focus more attention and direction on each child or teen to make the class feel like one-on-one training within a small group setting.

We offer convenient times that match your schedule, call us to learn more today!

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OPT (Off-Period Training)

A great opportunity for high school students to train during their off periods at school.  Train privately or with a friend at Sterling’s Team Speed.  

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Sport Psychology

Our Sport & Performance Psychology Consultants offer services designed to increase mental toughness and maximize athletic performance. Our clients gain an edge over the competition with an enhanced sense of focus and concentration, and are able to optimize their performance more consistently. Our mission has been to better the whole person for success in athletics and life, and we believe that sport and performance psychology perfectly complements that mission. We pride ourselves on continually utilizing cutting-edge approaches for developing mentally tough elite athletes. Our sport psychology consultants understand both the physical and mental side of athletics, and will work with you to develop a personalized mental skills training plan that utilizes scientifically-proven techniques for improving performance.

Professional Sport Psychology Services:

  • Develop mental toughness and mental training
  • Help control nervousness, distraction and anxiety
  • Establish proper focus
  • Increase self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Prepare for major competitions and dealing with adversity
  • Assist in injury recovery
  • Create optimal individualized mental preparation and team chemistry, cohesion and trust
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Achieve Goal Setting for Optimal Performance
  • Include Visualization and Mental Imagery: Seeing Success
  • Include Ready, Set, Go: Developing Mental Routines that Enhance Performance

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